What are your rates?
There are a number of variables that contribute to establishing a fee for each project, such as the type and scope of the project; number of images needed; extent of image editing requested; travel; how you plan to use the images and licensing that you will need, etc.... I offer both half day and full day rates for my commercial work.
I also offer real estate rates for agents that include faster turnaround, less image editing and a limited license. You will find that my real estate work produces very high quality images for those agents who are interested in marketing their homes in the most favorable way.
Please contact me so we can discuss your next project and I will do my best to come up with a solution that fits within your budget and project objectives.
Do you offer aerial/drone photography? 
As a licensed FAA drone pilot, I do offer aerial imaging services to compliment my architectural/interiors work. I find that about 60% of my work includes some amount of aerial photography and can really showcase property location and the overall architectural footprint. Please contact me to discuss your aerial image needs.

Do I own the images when I purchase your photography services?
This is something that is often misunderstood. When you hire me to photograph your project, you are buying a limited license to use those photographs for a specific purpose. As the photographer, I retain all ownership and copyright to the images I provide to you. This is comparable to how ebooks, music, and software is sold. When you buy the product, it comes with a limited license that allows you to use the product for a specific purpose. So understanding what you intend to use the images for, will determine the scope of the license that I will include with my photography. I will discuss this with you when we talk about your project and I will include the licensing fee within my overall project fee. If you have any questions about this or want to see a sample of my licensing terms, please contact me.

Can I use your images on Houzz, my business website, instagram feed, or facebook business page?
Absolutely! I encourage you to use the images I shoot for you on your business website and social media platforms. I only ask that you credit the photo to: Tim Cotter. At your request and at no additional cost, I will provide you with copies of the images I shoot for you in a format optimized for Instagram.  

Do you offer video services? 
Yes, I do offer video services to compliment my architectural/interiors work.
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